Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ewonchuk Family

I love these! Especially the crazy family pose!  It's so often how it feels when you have kids, and this was a fun way to capture that feeling.  As always with this family, I had so much fun taking them, and am super happy with the outcome!

Double the Cuteness!

My sweet friend Tricia, who is an identical twin herself, has identical twin nephews, had identical twin girls herself!  I was over-the-moon happy to do some 6 month photos for her girls, and some 5 year shots for her son.  Not to mention hang out with her and her sister (since Tricia lives in another province, that hasn't happened since ... highschool??)  Such a fantastic few hours.  AND, my power stayed on just long enough for us to mostly finish this session before going out for 33 hours!  Talk about great timing!

Austman Family

How fun are these?! Mom knew exactly what she wanted for the beach shots, much to match colors in her home, but I was happy to keep her surprised with how fantastic the "Fall" pictures look too!

 I always encourage client comment and input, but I also love surprising them in the end too! :)

Baby Brinley

I've been pretty busy with baby shoots lately, and I've gotta say, I love working with these little ones! It's always an honor to take a baby's first professional photos, but even more special with it's a friend's baby!  Thanks Meagan for trusting me with these!
Here's some from Brinley's baby shoot.