Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{Steinbach Newborn Photographer} Alexa Rose

Oh little Alexa, how gorgeous you are!  Aside from nearly pooping on my head (while Dad held her standing and I was cleaning up the first part of her "accident" in front of him), she was a charmer.  We certainly laughed at her aim and how she settled right back into sleeping when she was finished.  I always say that if I ask for a diaper to be off, I'm fine with whatever they're on being pooped or peed on - and I am, it landed on my hand and I was fine with it! - but I should probably make sure my head is out of the way! lol!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} 3 little Miracles

For those of you who may follow my personal blog, you know I'm working on becoming accredited in the Newborn Category with the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) and a required image to be submitted for it, is at least one of multiples.  So I started asking around if anyone was having twins this summer … a past neighbour of mine told me about this family (who is another past neighbour) having triplets!  I'll be honest, I hadn't photographer any multiples before this session, but the thought of skipping from one baby to three didn't phase me.  If anything, it just made me even more excited.  Go big or go home right?  It seems to be a bit of a motto around our home.  At least when we're trying to tell ourselves we can do something new! ;)    Anyway, when I contacted the family about photos, Mom was about half way through her pregnancy and they were certainly willing to let me photograph them when they were all home, which ended up being mid-July.

Do you know what the chances of having natural triplets are? I didn't either until until a few weeks ago. I believe it's 1 in 8065.  So, not very likely - and yet, I had the unbelievable experience and pleasure of photographing a natural set of newborn triplets.   It's a dream come true for a newborn photographer, and maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I did recruit some help (I do know when I'm in over my head;) and my long time friend Sharon made herself available to snuggle, help feed, position, and safety spot these three sweet ones, so my plan of Mom and Dad relaxing (for the most part) could happen.  It really wasn't a hard sell.  I think she was just as awed as I was to meet the babies and hear about life with THREE newborns and an active preschooler.  Thank you again Sharon!  You are the best!!

Some set ups were easier than others … one took nearly an hour to achieve all 3 babies calm and asleep in, but I could not be happier with the results, and I certainly enjoyed every moment of the session.

I cant thank Tom and Loretta enough (Dad and Mom)!!  I can only imagine the effort is takes to bring 4 kids -3 of them newborns, anywhere (and thanks to Gramma for watching big brother after the family portion of the photos!).  Thank you for allowing me this amazing opportunity, and sharing a small part of your on-going adventure.  I certainly hope to see all four of your kids' sweet faces through my lens again! <3

Monday, July 14, 2014

{Steinbach Baby Photographer} Ariel is ONE!

Oh gosh, this little sweetheart really put on a show for us with her cake in the studio!  She was hilarious to watch!  She skipped using her hands for the first while, choosing to just put her face straight into the cake, and then slowed down just enough to use fingers to get all the sweet goodness in.

We did a family session before coming to the studio for Ariel's one year, and cake photos.  What a great family this is - I've said it before, I always have SO much fun with them.  The kids are so sweet and well behaved, and we just laugh our way through the time.

Mom and Dad are celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer, so I was sure to get some sweet shots of just the two of them.  Congratulations on your milestone!!

{Steinbach Photographer) Riley is TWO!

I had the pleasure of doing Riley's first birthday photos as well - and I so love to see my little clients again as they're growing!
He now loves Curious George, so Mom and I planned a bit of a theme to the photos to suit that.  I made a yellow hat, and polka dot tie, and Mom said they would be bringing a stuffed George.
Riley loved the stack of books I had, and sat to read them with his mom through his session.  As for wearing my hat and tie - it didn't interest him - at all.  Dad was pretty quick with getting that hat in one shot, and I think it's one of my favorites!  Go with the flow was how this whole session went, but I am really happy with how his photos turned out, and we got some great family shots outside as well!

{Steinbach Photographer} Joia's Family

If your son is named Zach, he likely is high energy - am I right??  LOL!  Well, for Joia's and my very own Zach, that is pure truth.  But they are also super sweet kids and total ham balls.
Joia's little Zach ran nearly the entire time, up and down the sand hills.  I was exhausted just watching him!  His big sister was pretty much a super model for me, although she definitely loved running up the hills as well.  Joia's parents came long for some of the group photos - and the whole thing was a super fun (and tiring) evening!
We went to a gravel pit as a location (dont worry, I had permission), which gave us some unique and beautiful back grounds with the evening light.  I hope to use this place again eventually!

{Steinbach Newborn Photographer} Miss Emily

Little Emily came to see me at the studio at only 9 days new.  It was a very special session for me, as a good friend of mine - Ashley, of A to Z Photography in San Antonio, was out visiting, and we got to work together!
Emily slept like a champ through nearly the entire thing, oblivious to the sweet kisses from her older sister, and poses Ashley and I moved her into.
What a fun thing to work with another super talented photographer and friend!  Emily is such a doll, we  really had a great time!