Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} The Unrau Family

This session was originally planned as a First Birthday photo shoot for the youngest sweetie of the family, but I was so happy to hear Mom wanted to do Family photos instead after a change in their plans.

Many of you know how important Family Photos are to me personally, even if my kids are at an age where they likely wont cooperate, or I feel like I should lost 10lbs first (um….that's every year! lol!), or it's an effort to get them done.  I have never ever ever regretted the time and effort and I love looking back on the stages of life each year now that my kids are getting a little older.  Keep that in mind when you're thinking about Family photos - this time in life will never come back!

Here are some of the great memories for the Unrau family :)

{Steinbach Photograper} The Sawatzky Family

My husband's Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this month!  What a milestone!
I was thrilled when they contacted me to see if I would do some Family photos with their entire family! Of course it was loads of fun,  all the grandkids are now into their teens and were a hoot to work with, and we got some fantastic couple photos for the big anniversary.  I hope when my husband and I reach our 50th anniversary we're still happy and smiling like these two!

Congratulations on 50 years!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Big Family = Big Fun!

There is a lady who rents these antique couches for events near my place, and I just had to use one!  It was perfect for this big family's session!  I loved it so much in fact, that I have got my own "fun couch" (although it's not antique - but I think what I'll use it for is too rough for antique anyway) that I redid and have been having some fun with at session - more with that in future posts though ;)

Mom was a little nervous the kids would be restless or un-cooperative, but I kid you not, and I'm not just saying this for the blog - they were gems!  Each of them cooperated and listened to instruction from both myself and their parents, they were polite and sweet, and doted on baby brother through the entire evening.  I really, really, really, loved this session - and the photos from it!  Hurray for big families!!

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Claire

I love when parents send me ideas they like ahead of time!  It lets me know what they're hoping for, or style they like, and it also gives me something new to create…without coming up with it on the spot.  Unfortunately, suggestions at the session don't always work, but if I have time to create it - there hasn't been a whole lot I havent been able to do a version of.  So make sure to give me a heads up so we can capture your ideas too! ;)

Claire's mom messaged me and asked if I had seen the "Princess and Pea" idea on Pinterest, and I'm no different than anyone else, I love Pinterest too - so I definitely had.  We did our own version, and I love how it came out!  [baby safety is super important to me, so mom was within reach of baby at all times!]
Along with some other sweet and sleepy poses, and some with her adoring big sisters - little Claire's session was a huge success!

{Steinbach Photographer} Let them Eat Cake!

Cake-smashes are always a fun add on to first birthday sessions!  And it makes for some adorable photos!  When we do the photos, we all our "clean" photos first, and then the cake at the end, so Mom or Dad can use the bathtub and have a clean baby to bring home in the end.  I love watching these little ones with their cakes - it's just so funny and cute!