Tuesday, January 27, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Lincoln

Oh, this little guy was just a dream.  He was content awake (for the most part), and then settled into an adorable sleep.  We got such great family photos, and shots of just him.  His little yawn was just so precious! Welcome to the world Lincoln! 

{Steinbach Photographer} Frozen!

This beautiful Mom and I had been planning a winter maternity session for months, and were so thrilled with how nice the weather was this year - but wouldnt you know it, the day of her session was in a cold snap!  Boo!
Well, she was determined to get her gorgeous outdoor photos and braved -35 windchill dressed in only a few layers.  I'm lucky in situations like this, I can bundle up all the way (minus my hands) since it doesn't matter what I look like ….but she was a trooper!  And I am so glad she wanted to do the outdoor shots, they are stunning!
We did more in the studio than originally planned, which is why I love having it.  It's such a great option for when the weather doesn't cooperate, or you dont want your kids to freeze along side of you ;)

{Steinbach Photographer} Double Party!

These two celebrated their first birthday with some traditional, fun, and MESSY photos!  I had a blast with them - they certainly kept Mom and me moving! lol! Happy Birthday boys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} Kehler Family

This session got snuck in between Christmas and New Year's.  I had told my hubby that I wouldn't work at all during the holidays - and he laughed and said he'd believe it when he saw it. Yes, he was right.  I couldn't say no, I just love what I do too much! lol!

This family group was great - and super helpful with carrying my stuff around a big church for the 2 spots we used. And my son was able to help as well since he was off school.  Fun times all around at this one

{Steinbach Photographer} Beautiful Maternity

Stunning.  It's the only word I can come up with for this Maternity session!  This Mom is so beautiful and she was so fun and easy to work with.
The whole family was just great - this little baby is super blessed to be coming into this family. 

{Steinbach Photographer} Charlie is ONE!

Mr. Charlie came to see me for his first birthday photos.  What a cutie!  I had met him earlier in the year when I did photos for his extended family as well … and once I realized it was the same Charlie, I was super excited to see him again (I almost missed the connection before hand though, lol! oops!)

Charlie loves baths and water so we tried to incorporate that into his session… I think they tuned out pretty sweet and cute!

Happy Birthday little guy!