Monday, December 29, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Christmas Cuties!

Rather than post all the different Christmas sessions - I've compiled some photos for one post.  I had such a fun time with this - the kids were SO cute!  I was lucky enough to photograph TWO sets of triplets (which is always a fun challenge!) as well as a friend's kids, and a bunch ofbnew faces that I'm excited to hopefully see again!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Carina Is ONE!

I've had the incredible pleasure of photographing this little sweetie twice now.  She is just too adorable! Mom came loaded with ruffle tutus and ideas, and I loved what we came up with together!
Happy First Birthday little Carina!  

Monday, December 22, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Jackson

Mr. Jackson made his grand entrance to the world fairly early and had to spend some time in the hospital before coming home. When I met him, he was 7 weeks old already, but still super tiny - under 7 lbs!  I honestly expected A LOT more awake photos and more interaction, but he was content to sleep through most of the session.  Even though he was well over a month old, it sure felt like a newborn session :)
When his mom told me his nursery had a "Never Never Land theme" - I whipped up this little hat set, and borrowed a Tinkerbell toy from niece.  I love how it turned out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Annabelle

Oh Miss Annabelle, how adorable are you?!  I wish I had been a better baby whisperer and soothed you to sleep better, but luckily your cuteness makes up for my lack of magic that day. lol!
Regardless of how 'unwell' you slept, your photos are so sweet …. just like you!

{Steinbach Photographer} BUZZFEED!!

So, I got a random and unexpected email  … it was from a Buzzfeed editor.  Have you heard of Buzzfeed?  It's an online "news" and entertainment site that has some pretty fun compilations. He had seen my photo on my instagram (Jenn Vogt Photography … go follow me ;)  and the email was asking permission to use the photo of my niece with Santa giving her a kitten in a post called "29 Babies Who Totally Nailed Their First Christmas Photo Shoot".  Of course I was thrilled to have been asked, and after getting my brother and sister-in-laws permission, I passed on mine to Buzzfeed to use the photo.

It's had A LOT of views!  … I'm counting this as being published! lol.

You can see the whole post by clicking this link, there's so insane cuteness in it!  - #12 is my photo! :)

{Steinbach Photographer} Peters Family

It's always a treat to photograph my own family.  It's so fun to see my brother as a Dad now, and as I've said before on other sessions for my niece; I'm totally obsessed with her, I just cant get enough of her, and with my sister in law being absolutely stunning and so photogenic - it was a session straight from heaven for me!
We did such a variety!  I got a Halloween costume photos (isnt she the cutest strawberry??), some family photos (we were sooo lucky the weather was mild that day!), so Christmas photos, and some good 6 month shots too.  It was a FULL afternoon!

{Steinbach Photographer} Half a year!

Miss Adrianna came in for her 6 month photos a while ago - that big gummy smile had me melting all over again.  Gah- you are such a doll pretty girl!