Friday, March 13, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Jettsen

 Jettsen was so adorable!  I love big babies, and at over 9lbs at one week, this little guy was no exception!  He wasnt too impressed with how many times I moved him once he fell asleep, but hopefully he's forgiven me for all those interruptions.  The photos were worth it! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} My Own

Every photographer starts with taking pictures of something they love. It's what creates the passion.  Seeing something, or someone they love in perfect light, pose, or moment... and capturing that memory forever.  Often it's their children if they have.
That's how I started - these 2 have been the subject of more photo shoots and tests than I think even they realize, and as they look through their photos growing up, they'll see that they were definitely my favourite subjects all along.
As they get older and are more busy with their own agendas (and I'm more busy with work) their yearly photo sessions seem to be done late almost every year.  But I hope they know that they will always be my favourite subjects - and I love the input they give now that makes their photos unique to them and their personality.

SO without further ado - here are my own boys' yearly photos :) I'm definitely a proud mama!

{Steinbach Photographer} Savannah is One!

There certainly have been a lot of first birthdays in the studio lately - I totally LOVE it!

Watching the reactions each baby has to cake on their fingers is priceless!  Some love it; some hate it!  Savannah was among that had no use for icing on her fingers .. and her expression of disgust was priceless!

{Steinbach Photographer} Oliver is ONE!

I first met Oliver at his newborn session - and it was SO fun to see him now at One year!  He certainly is a sweetheart, and his photo session was a lot of playing and fun … and eating cake, the best part!
Happy Birthday Oliver!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Jaxon

Mom loved the idea of a home session when her sweet little boy was born, so that's exactly what we did.  We got beautiful photos of the whole family in their own surroundings, and then I made a little make-shift studio with some blankets to get them the best of both words.  I love the variety this gave them!

{Steinbach Photographer} Baby Boston

This little guy, I actually got to see twice!  And not because he didn't settle into a nice sleep the first time, but because it worked for the family to all come later - and we didnt' want to wait so long for the really "newborn" photos.  SO, you'll see he's a little bigger in his family photos - but still so adorable!  I love that I got to snuggle him TWICE!