Thursday, May 29, 2014

Miss Adrianna {Steinbach Photographer}

Little Adrianna made her grand entrance into the world 3 weeks early!  She had the courtesy to wait until after Mom and Dad's Maternity photo sessions at least, but only by hours!  She weighed in at a priceless 5 and a half pounds - and was the sweetest little princess ever during her photos!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Meet Lincoln! {Steinbach Photographer}

I've known Lincoln's mom since I can remember.  We grew up in the same community, going to the same church and schools. It was super cool to learn she had had a baby and was looking at getting some photos of him, and them all together as a family done!  It was so fun catching up with her, and snuggling her little boy.  Gosh, he is such a cutie!  He slept wonderfully for his photos, and had us all melting when I posed him in the little sock monkey set!

Jessica's Maternity {Steinbach Photographer}

When Jessica and Jerome arrived, she told me right away that she was sure she would have their baby early.  And, as much as I try to make sessions comfortable for expecting moms, it was obvious how not comfortable Jessica was.   Her photos turned out beautifully despite how she was feeling, and when I got a call from her 4 days later asking about newborn photos - it all clicked into place.  She was in labor during her maternity session!!  Man, talk about squeaking them in! … their baby was born that evening, 3 weeks early! Amazing!
I'm happy to report that Mom and baby and doing fabulously, and you can watch for their insanely adorable daughter's newborn photos to come on the blog soon too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Kara {Steinbach Newborn Photography}

I had the IMMENSE pleasure of doing my very own niece's newborn photos.  How insanely sweet is this little girl?!  Granted, as Auntie Jenn, I am quite biased, but ohhhhh how in love I am with this little Angel!  She was 6.5 days new when I got my hands on her in my studio, and I loved every second of it!!!  I always adore soothing and rocking newborns back to sleep during their sessions, but it was just extra special doing so for my niece. (thanks for the Behind the Scenes photos Mom ;)
I'm already planning her next photo session in my head! Hopefully my brother and sister-in-law dont get too sick of me gushing over her and all the photo ops to come yet ;)

 I even got to feed her a bottle :)

She's yawning - almost ready for her next pose :)