Friday, November 22, 2013

About Jenn Vogt Photography

Hi there! Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my blog!  

Jenn Vogt Photography has been active for years, over 20 in fact!  Much of it was done as a hobby the first years, to learn and grow, and simply because I love everything about photos!
I am based out of Steinbach Manitoba, and mostly serve the South East region of the Province.

With experience in Family, Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Toddlers, Grad, etc.  I can offer a wide variety of looks and styles to suit almost everyone.  
With the Studio opening is 2010, a permanent home was created for all the lighting, backdrops, and props I so love to collect and use in my work.  The studio is a home studio, which means that I am available very flexible hours, which accommodates my clients' schedules wonderfully. 

Married 20 years to my high school sweetheart, and as a Mom of 2 boys, both in their teenage years, I know how precious those chubby little baby faces are, how wanted those family photos are, and how important it is to have those memories in photos to look back on.  Time goes by so fast, and you may never get that chance to photograph that time in life again.

With patience, a sense of humor, and a laid-back attitude, I strive to make each session enjoyable and comfortable for everyone ... and with beautiful results.  I hope my photos will speak for themselves as you scroll through my blog posts and my Facebook page (click HERE to see Facebook page).  I honestly love what I do, and I am blessed to be able to do it.  

If you have any questions or would like information on Sessions and Pricing, please click on the Pricing and Additional Information tab, or HERE and it will take you to the page, or send me an email if you don't see your questions answered there; email Jenn!

Jenn & Family.  Photo credit; Ashley Zufelt Photography of San Antonio, TX.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Steinbach Newborn Photographer - Miss Zoe

Miss Zoe came to the studio at 5.5 days new!! ... heaven for this photographer!! So sweet and fresh - and awake! lol!  In some ways, it's great when babies are wide awake, it means I get to snuggle with them a little more, in the effort to put them to sleep.  Miss Zoe was wonderful for that. She was perfectly happy to be held.
We got some gorgeous family photos, and some with her big sisters and then Dad brought the big girls home while Mom and I worked on getting some beautiful sleeping pictures of baby.  Zoe, had other ideas.  LOL!  In the end, Mom and I won and Miss Zoe fell lightly asleep.  Every time I moved her, she woke up and we redid the dance of getting her back to sleep ... I think I love the photos even more knowing how patient we had to be to get them.  It was so worth it! :)

All images copyright to Jenn Vogt Photography, Newborn photographer based in Steinbach Manitoba