Monday, October 28, 2013

Steinbach Family Photographer -The Dueck Family

 I hadn't seen this baby girls since her newborn photo session!  Obviously she had changed A LOT, and it was so fun to see her cute smiles and chubby cheeks!  She was SO good through the family photos, happily kicking her boots off all the time! lol!

Photos were taken on location in Steinbach Manitoba, and are copyright to Jenn Vogt Photography, Family Photography

Steinbach Photographer - The Austman Family

Sometimes doing photos for family is hard thing.  I know my "subjects" so well that it's hard for me to see them creatively.  It's never the case with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law though.  She always has them dressed as though they just came from a magazine shoot (love it!) and have fun ideas as well.  I always enjoy photographing them!

Photos were taken on the Jenn Vogt Photography yard in Steinbach Mantiba, and are copyright to Jenn Vogt Photography; Family and Child Photographer

Steinbach Photographer -The Bartel Family

This session got rescheduled THREE times before we finally had an "ok" day.  And I do mean just ok. It was overcast and cold, and even drizzled with rain through some of it...  I'm so glad they may the call to go ahead with it despite the icky feel outside.  The overcast skies were nice with the field's golds, and it certainly cut down on squinting.


It's been a while since we've had the joy of a new person in my family!  My youngest Zach (who just turned 10!) is the 'baby' on my side of the family!  I couldnt' be happier for my brother and his wife.  Their new little one is due sometime in April 2014!  And with the blend of ethnicities, I am standing by what I've always said about their someday children ... it will be THE CUTEST baby ever!!  I cannot wait to be an auntie again!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Steinbach Photographer - Alisha and Travis are Engaged!

I absolutely love the country/cowboy theme these photos have to them! Alisha and Travis are true "country folk", right down to Alisha barrel-racing with her horse Pluto, to Travis farming cattle.
My son Brad came with my on this session to be an extra set of hands (I love when it works for him to come along!) and we were both practically drooling over some of the items on the location where we did the photos.  We were like kids in a candy store! Brad was sooo in love with the old car ... I was beyond excited about the old buildings ... and horses... and bush... and truck...and ... and ....and ;)

Here are just a few of my favourites .... although I think every photo is a favorite from this session! ;)

Her engagement ring is a horse-shoe!! <3

Monday, October 7, 2013

School Portrait Days!

Wowza!!  To say I was 'busy' these two days would be an understatement! While I hoped for, and expected, some growth from last year's School Portrait Days, I was blown away that there was THIS much demand for it!
So, a HUGE thank you to the families who came and trusted me to do their child(ren)'s photos for this year.  I honestly enjoyed it so much!! I'm already looking forward to next year ... and thinking I need to add a third day!!

Backgrounds were the parents' choice ... it's neat to see how most gravitated to the same ones ... each child got 5 poses on 2 backgrounds.  And a group shot with all the kids in the family was an add on option for a small extra fee.

If this appeals to you more than the public school's way of photographing hundreds of kids in one day, keep an eye on my Facebook page next September to see when School Portrait Days will be held again.

Here are a just a few of the fun, cute, handsome, and beautiful kids that came through those day :)

Helena and Jeff

Do you remember that week or two of HOT, STICKY heat we had at the end of August?  Naturally, that's when my cousin and her family were able to come and visit from Alberta.  We were lucky enough to meet my cousin's boyfriend as well, as despite the heat and general "ick" of being outside, we spent a short while doing a little photo shoot for them.  The location is one of my favourites, so even with the "ick" of the day, the photos turned out really well!