Friday, October 31, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} The Doyle Family

Getting later into October, the weather has been either beautiful, or miserable.  There really wasnt too much in between.  So, although it was cool out, and rain was threatening, this awesome family braved the outdoors on the yard here.  We chose the yard because IF it started raining, or was just too cold for the littles, we could pop inside and finish in the studio.
I'm super happy everyone and everything held out until we were done.  The variety and scenery with outdoor photos in Fall is just so gorgeous, and cant be replicated in the studio.  Great job family, it was worth the goosebumps I hope!

{Steinbach Photographer} The Marten Family

Well, the weather was warm, which we had been worried it wouldn't be, but wow, it was WINDY!! Like, CRAZY windy!  I guess to get the beautiful warm day in mid October, it had to blow up from "south" somehow.  Better than cold and windy too.  Or rainy and windy?  Yep - definitely better than those options.

Regardless of some wind blown hair-do's, these photos are amazing.  This family was fun fun fun to photograph - and the little guy?!  Be still my heart!  Oh, how sweet is he?!

Monday, October 20, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Josey's Maternity Session

Josey told me she and her hubby are into the outdoors - hunting, fishing, etc.  They planned to bring their pup for a few photos as well...  I loved how this all came together! We used my own acreage here and a building I have permission to use close by.
 Mother Nature behaved long enough for us to get in some fabulous photos before super dark clouds rolled in and it rained.
I'm so excited for them as they prepare to welcome their little one, they are going to be such amazing parents!

{Steinbach Photographer} The Welter Family

I think big families are so fun!  Like, a hilariously fun.  There are SO many personalities in the mix and with age differences in kids like this family's - I had one laughing at my jokes, and another rolling their eyes … no matter what I said.  Pure comedy to me!

It was a cold and windy day - but they sure did a great job looking warm and happy :)

{Steinbach Photographer} Peyton

Peyton turned One this October - what a sweetheart!  I loved all her baby babble throughout her session! I feel like she tried really hard to have a good conversation! lol!
And seriously, how sweet are her photos?!!  Gosh, she is such a doll!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Steinbach Photographer} Jase!

You know what's cool? I've know Jase's mom and dad for a LONG time.  Like, my brother was best friends with Jase's dad in elementary school, and I went to school with Jase's Mom.  It's pretty special photographing for families like this - it's such an honour and privilege, and I'm thankful they trust me to do their photos!

Jase came in for a Mini Session, and we packed it as full as we could with the one backdrop, one outfit!  Love these!  3 months old and SUCH a cutie!

{Steinbach Photographer} Oliver is ONE!

Oliver stole my heart a long time ago -way back when he was only 3 months old!  I have absolutely ADORED seeing him grow up, getting to know his parents more, and enjoying his sweet smiles on my screen during my editing time.

Happy 1st Birthday Oliver!!  Thank you for being such an insane sweetheart!

{Steinbach Photographer} The Doyle Family

I've had the pleasure of photographing this family before, so I was really excited to see them again!  We had a perfect evening, even with the mosquitoes (really? In late September?).
I love these photos - the light, the location, the smiles ….. ah, I love what I do! :)