Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brittany's Grad Session!

Wowza ... that dress!  I LOVE it!!  And man, did she rock it!  I could not have dreamed of a more fun session than with Brit (and her Mom).  I know grad photos weren't high on her priority for things to do to celebrate, but I heard later that she had a really great time as well and was glad she'd had them done.  This is music to my ears!

Locations were crazy, and I made sure they knew about anything I knew about before hand.  Woodticks, mosquitoes, and even Bees at one, and then unexpectedly, dog poo at another.  No joke.  (Thanks Elaine for covering it so I didn't step in it TWICE! lol!)  With just a bit of planning ahead, her gorgeous dress didn't get dirty at all, but we were able to get some pretty fun shots.
I dont say all this to scare future Grad sessions away, but to brag on this one a bit.  If I suggested it, they said "sounds great!" and I was totally free to do what I wanted creatively. 

Sooo, if you're thinking of having Grad photos done yet, there is still plenty of time! I do them all summer yet, and if you're not up for mosquitoes, woodticks, and bees ... dont worry ... I've got lots of other great "safer" locations I like as well, and the studio! lol!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Birthday!

Oh goodness, isn't Riley just the cutest little guy ever?!  I absolutely loved his first birthday session! We kept it moving along at a pretty fast pace, and he had nothing but smiles for me!  And waving arms and giggles!!
The Cat in the Hat set I crocheted worked wonderfully, even though Riley wasn't too thrilled to wear a hat!  His mom was pretty quick and sneaky about getting it on his head though! 
I could literally post all the photos for cuteness sake, but here's just a few and I'm sure you'll get the idea!