Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby Chloe

Chloe actually had 2 sessions.  The first, she wasn't too in the mood to sleep and we didn't get the shots I really wanted.  Plus, I had a little technical difficulties ... yep, it happens sometimes.  So her parents were fantastic about bringing by the studio again and giving it another go. I'm so glad they did...as you can see, we got some gorgeous shots :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

2017 Prices and Additional Information

{Please read Before Scheduling}

Additional Information

Disclaimer:  My business grows from people seeing my work.  Unless otherwise stated clearly at the session and made note of on the agreement form, photos may be published for work example (portfolio) online (website, Jenn Vogt Photography Facebook page, Instagram etc), or in hard copy, regardless of written permission, in accordance to Canadian Law for use of Portfolio samples. It is assumed by hiring and willingly participating in a a professional photo session that images may be viewed by others for marketing or advertisement purposes.  
I will gladly respect all wishes to refrain from sharing photos online if made known at or before the session time.  

Copyright: Photos taken at your session retain copyright to Jenn Vogt Photography. Although you will receive permission for printing, Jenn Vogt Photography retains all rights and ownership of the photos.  Altering photos in anyway is not permitted. You will be asked to sign a Copyright Agreement contract at your session.

Please schedule your sessions as early as possible to be accommodated the best.  Late arrivals may have sessions cut short to keep on schedule for the day if applicable.  ‘No-shows’ without any notice will not be rescheduled.  If you are unable to make your appointment time, or need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible, preferably with 24 hours minimum notice.
A non-refundable deposit may be require for peak busy seasons, or to reschedule.

Children are always welcome at sessions!  Please schedule your session to avoid times you know your child will need a nap, a meal, or is generally cranky.
Sessions for children that do not sit well, are uncooperative, or intentionally rough with props will not be given extra time (if time restrictions apply) or discounts. Parents may be charged for props that are significantly damaged due to children’s behavior.  Quantity of Photos specified in Price quote may not be obtainable if children are extremely uncooperative.  The session will be full price regardless of outcome of photos once started.

The Studio:
Water in sippy cups and light snacks are a great idea for toddlers to keep them happy, but please don’t bring a full meal. 
Please bring only “tidy” snacks (nothing that melts, is greasy, or creates a lot of crumbs) as to keep stains and mess off the backdrops and props. Great ideas are Fun Fruits, Fruit to Go, Cheese Strings, bite size crackers, or dry cereal.   Please use the washroom located right beside the studio to wash hands and faces promptly after a snack. No red/purple coloured juices please.  Milk, water, or apple juice is welcome.
The studio does have a small dvd/tv unit and colouring books to entertain your children while they are not in the photos, but please bring extra toys, ipads, or anything else small that your child may want to pass the time with.
While the studio is in a home, please note that children will not be allowed to play in other rooms, and are expected to stay in the studio during sessions.

Newborn Sessions: Please be prepared for a lengthy session, involving a warm studio and lots of patience.  Moms, please be prepared to feed baby throughout the session as well, as extra milk in those little tummies are great for helping them sleep. Bring a few extra diapers and wipes than usual.
Please have transportation available to bring home older siblings once their part in the photos is finished, as most toddlers’ patience isn’t suffice for these sessions, and if you are not having Sibling/Family photos, a babysitter is the best option so you can relax through the session.
If Mom isn’t feeling physically up to spotting the baby (being in hands reach for safety reasons), please have another capable person along prepared do so.  This will involve sitting on hard floors for lengths of time, as well as crouched, or bent over.
Evening sessions are no longer available as babies tend to be fussy at this time and sessions tend to be extremely lengthy, without the quality of photos I aim for.
3.5 hour max is included in your price quote.  If photos require more time, I will give you the option of stopping, or paying an additional fee to keep going.

-Cash in the correct amount please. A small amount of change is kept in the studio only. Payment is due at the end of each session.  In some cases, Paypal will be accepted if the invoice is paid 24 hrs in advance of session (please request upon booking if you require Paypal) 2.5% will be added to the quote for the fee Paypal charges. 
-Sessions not paid for within 24 hrs of photos being taken may be purged.  
-Coupons cannot be applied to Promotions, Specials, or Print Orders unless the coupon specifies otherwise.
-All print orders must be paid for in full before they will be ordered.  Please note, a $25 minimum order is necessary for shipping costs.
-Gift Certificates in any amount are available upon request.

Please feel free to ask about anything not mentioned or you have questions about.  Thank you!!
I look forward to your session!

Jenn Vogt Photography
204 380 3369

Pricing:   Children's Sessions (single child) start at $70.00
Newborn Sessions start at $295.00
Family Sessions start at $325.00

Please email 
for session availability, inclusions, and an exact price quote for your specific needs.

* Travel fees not included. GST/PST may be applicable. 

Please note: Jenn Vogt Photography is not booking Wedding.

Large Group Sessions (extended family) must now be photographed on outdoor locations only. Indoor lighting equipment will no longer be available for such sessions due to high rates of damage and repair costs.

Thank you!