Monday, March 31, 2014

Liam - Steinbach Newborn Photography

Sleeping was not on little Liam's list of things to do the evening of his session - although he was quite happy and content to watch what was going on around him at the beginning.  But, like all newborns, sleep does come eventually and Liam wasn't too thrilled with it and fought it.  Maybe some gas cramps as well?  Mom and I couldnt' figure it out.  With some patience and snuggles (from Mom worked best in the end- I just didnt' cut it - I guess I'm not the Baby Whisperer I thought I was. ;), we still got some fantastic photos…. and more fussing just meant I got to snuggle him a little more than normal too - win/win :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Geena's Maternity - Steinbach Photographer

I think one of my first reactions when my brother told me he and his wife were having a baby, was to claim photo rights (not much argument from them, lol ;).  I had the pleasure of doing some fun "pregnancy announcement" photos, and now that baby is really showing, a full maternity session.  We had a fabulous time, and I was thrilled they let my try some new techniques I've wanted to try for a while during their session (silhouettes!). I love all their photos!! I cant wait to meet this baby!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sierra is ONE! - Steinbach Family Photographer

I have had the privilege of photographing Sierra throughout her first year.  It has FLOWN by, and I cant believe she is ONE year already!  She is such a gorgeous, happy baby.  I have LOVED every session with her!  Her Mom has become a wonderful friend and I look forward to continuing our friendship outside the studio as well!

Happy Birthday Sierra!  I'm so glad you enjoyed the cake!

Oliver - Steinbach Newborn Photographer

Oliver was a sweet 11 days new for his photo session.  He was a fabulous sleeper, only fully waking right when we finished!
It was pretty special that Gramma was able to come as well, she was visiting from out of province.