Friday, July 22, 2016

{Steinbach Photographer} Welcome Baby S!

Disclaimer: this photo is an optical illusion, please dont EVER really put a baby on a shelf!

{Steinbach Photographer} Mr. S is 6 months!

I had the incredible pleasure of meeting this little guy when he was only days old for his newborn photos.  It's so fun to see how much babies have changed and grown when I'm lucky enough to photograph them on their next milestone.
Mr. S came for a Mini Session to celebrate his half year ... and goodness, he is such a happy and ADORABLE little guy!

{Steinbach Photographer} Life's a Beach!

This family was SO much fun to work with!  They surprised me with their new 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy (place collective "Awwwww!" here), and asked if it was ok that he be in a few photos.  Are you kidding me?!  OF COURSE!
PRO: my son had come with to help haul around some of stuff (and just keep me company on the drive) and was able to hold the leash for some of the photos that the puppy wasnt in.
CON: after chilling with such a sweet dog, he wants an outdoor dog now ... and I'm such an animal lover, it's killing me to say no, the time isn't right. lol.

I think my favorite photo was snapped right at the end, when puppy had sat SO well for long enough, and was in the mood to play.  Mom is trying to avoid kisses in the face, big brother is trying to help, and Dad and little brother are just laughing.... LOVE such a candid photo!  Check it out, it's the last one in this post :)


Thursday, July 21, 2016

{Steinbach Photograper} Welcome Miss A!

{Steinbach Photographer} On Pointe Ballet Session

This was the second time I was lucky enough to do a dance session for this gorgeous girl.  And, just like the first time, she blew me away with her grace and elegance.  I loved every minute of this session, and every single photo!

{Steinbach Photographer} Something out of a Fairytale!

I love prom dresses!  They make photos magical!  I highly encourage you to have professional photos done of your daughter in her prom dress the year she graduates ... I guarantee you'll never regret it!

{Steinbach Newborn Photographer} Welcome Miss E!