Friday, February 13, 2015

{Steinbach Photographer} Welcome Callie!

I dont know how to stop gushing about this baby girl's session!  It was perfect!  She slept so well, held poses well … and was all together so sweet!

{Steinbach Photographer} Miss Bentley

You wouldnt guess it from seeing these photos, but adorable Miss Bentley really didnt want to do photos that day!  We certainly had our work cut out for us coaxing those smiles out … but look at the gorgeous results!!  Yay Bentley! Some day you'll be glad you let that crazy lady with the camera got those smiles from you!! lol!

{Steinbach Photographer} Evelyn is One!

This gorgeous girl was ALL smiles for her one year session! She breezed through a bunch of sets and then went at it with her cake… which she wasnt totally wild about, but she was interested long enough for me to get some great photos that I'm sure will be a treasured keep sake!
Happy First Birth Evelyn!!

{Steinbach Photographer} 3 months old!

Wow! Those 3 months flew by!  Miss Alice is already 3 months old!  The sweetie graced me with only a few smiles during her session, which Mom told me is quite uncharacteristic of her, but the ones she gave me were simply adorable - along with her somewhat serious faces too.  She's just too cute with those cheeks!! 

{Steinbach Photographer} Cruz is One!

I love getting to photograph one year sessions for babies I met when they were just a few days old!  It's neat to see either how they look so much the same (in Cruz's case!) or completely different!

Cruz was a darling - just like last time I met him!  Generous with his smiles, and adorable to watch as he dug into the cake!  Happy Birthday Cruz!!