Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miss Delainey

 This session was really special and I'm honoured I was able to do these for this family.

Meet Delainey.
She is a true miracle!  Born premature and with a rare chromosome disorder called Trisomy 13, the odds were stacked against her.  Trisomy 13 comes from two healthy parents, and for reasons the doctors have yet to figure out, the body has triples of 13th chromosome.  This usually causes severe retardation and organ failure. Most babies diagnosed with this do not live past a few months, and are given a 5% chance of seeing their first birthday.
Most babies will never smile. Never laugh. Never be able to communicate. Will not have any muscle tone or control of their bodies.  And some never leave the hospital.

BUT ... Delainey just celebrated her first birthday!!  She smiles! She laughs! She is starting to use sign language to communicate already (keep in mind she was premature, her adjusted age is closer to 10 months, so even without the Trisomy 13, that's pretty impressive!)  She coos, and has quite the personality.
Although she's not yet sitting on her own, she's rolling around and holding her head up.  She's even rocked herself into a crawling postion from her tummy! (her mom proudly showed me the photo:)
She is baffling doctors and geneticists daily now, as she continues to defy all the odds against her and change the statistics.

I fell completely in love, and I sincerely hope to photograph her in the future!  She is a rare angel among us.  I was so blessed to have met her, which is funny, because I set out to bless them with this these photos.  God is so amazing, and I cant wait to see what He has in store for this litte girl!

You can follow her story and cheer her on on her Facebook page "Delainey:Living with Trisomy 13".  Her mom created the page to stir awareness about this disorder, but I am personally following it to keep them in my prayers and be another cheerleader.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sophia Turns 3!

Sweet Sophia came in for her 3 year photos!  I really love these!  Her big blue eyes are so gorgeous and the color combination was great!  This is a new backdrop in the studio so it was fun to use it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

the Penner Family

Along with those cute One year photos, we also did some family ones.  It was really like 2 sessions at one time, and I enjoyed this one just as much!  This is such a great and fun family!

Cheyanne and Sophia turn ONE!

What could be cuter than one little princess having her first birthday?  How about TWO little princesses turning one!  This was SUCH a good time in the studio... here are just a few of my favorites!  We ended with a Mini Cake-Smash (cupcakes!),  how ADORABLE!



I guess Princesses dont ALWAYS want to wear their crowns ;)



Thursday, April 4, 2013


Ok, actually he's been 3 for a few months, but Mom wanted "official" pictures done for it, and of course, I was more than willing.  While we were at it, big sis got some done too ... I couldn't be happier with these!
I enjoyed these kids so much!  The little guy reminded me of when my own boys were that age!  Energy on top of energy with some on top to spare!  A lot of these shots were great 'stills' from action! (high shutter speeds!! lol!)
And like any little girl, the dress up and pretty pink backgrounds suited big sis so much!  She was a doll to work with, so quiet and cooperative!
Really, and truly, I LOVE MY JOB!